Chimney Safety

        A former area firefighter has asked us to share a reminder about chimney safety this time of year, before our annual really cold snap occurs. We are more than glad to oblige! Click here for a link to a PDF from the Cold Climate Housing Research Center titled “Chimney Safety”. To quote a great point from this article “If you plan to burn a lot of wood this winter in an old untested chimney, a professional inspection and some new pipe may bring you a lot of peace of mind – instead of an emergency visit from the fire department.”

        Wayne takes care of his chimney, so has no experience with local chimney service professionals. Do any of you have a favorite local chimney service that you have personally employed, and that you recommend to others? If so, please feel free to leave a comment here or share it on the Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Facebook page.

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        Did you know that split and stacked firewood can dry in as little as six-weeks during a normal Interior Alaskan summer? Did you know that the UAF Cooperative Extension has a great website dedicated to wood energy, which even includes an online heating cost calculator? Click here, if you’d like, to visit Wayne’s “Informative Links” page for information about both of these things and more!

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        Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Announces Free Firewood Fridays!

        Wayne most sincerely believes that every Interior Alaskan home should have a wood stove and emergency supply of seasoned firewood available for use if the need arises. He also wholeheartedly believes that we, residents of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, can take great care of the air we share without a great deal of government (local or state) involvement, in large part by burning seasoned wood properly.

        To do his part in making both of these things happen in our wonderful borough, he is honored to introduce “Free Firewood Fridays”! Here are the details:

  1. Every Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. (unless an emergency comes up and we are unable to get to a computer to post), Wayne will announce a category or qualification in which one or two people – who fit the category or qualification – can reply and win a *certificate for a free cord of Wayne’s cut, split, guaranteed, and delivered firewood or $300 off the price of one log truck load!
  2. An **example of a category or qualification is, “The first two FNSB heavy machinery mechanics to reply to this post each wins a certificate for one free cord of Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s cut, split, guaranteed, and delivered firewood!”
  3. No purchase is necessary.
  4. Right now we can only do this through Facebook, so please, go to this post on his Facebook page and share it with your firewood burning friends so that they can keep any eye out for the opportunity to win, too!
  5. We ask that everyone who replies to receive the firewood certificate is honest about their category or qualification and that each person either burns wood now or plans to next year.
  6. We ask everyone who wins not to burn the wood while it’s green, but to season it for use next winter.
  7. This offer is for Fairbanks North Star Borough residents only, who have delivery addresses in the FNSB.
  8. Each “replier” has to be the person him or herself, i.e. no winning for anyone else.
  9. Each winner will be asked to show proof of meeting the category or qualification before delivery.
  10. Be sure to “Like” Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s page on Facebook and check “Get Notifications” or check back on Friday mornings at 7:00 a.m. for opportunities to participate!
  11. Each person participating may only win up to two cords a year through Wayne’s Free Firewood Fridays.
  12. We are not sure, at this time, how long Free Firewood Fridays will last, but look very much forward to giving it a try!

        Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s Free Firewood Fridays begin this week (Friday, October 24, 2014)! Please feel free to share this information with your local firewood burning friends! Together, we can be prepare for future Alaskan winters and achieve the healthiest local winter air quality possible!

*Certificates have no cash value. Each certificate is redeemable for one year from the date it is received. Certificates are non-transferable.

**This is an example only, and probably not this Friday’s category :).

Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter's Green, 100% Birch Split Firewood

Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s Green, 100% Birch Split Firewood

A Five-Cord Log Truck Load of Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter's Green, 100% Birch Firewood

A Five-Cord Log Truck Load of Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s Green, 100% Birch Firewood



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