We’re staying in business!

As many of you probably know, WHWC has been for sale since this spring. Our reason for trying to sell the business was to be able to spend time with family in Pennsylvania. We have had several interested parties consider the business; but to date, no buyer. Therefore, we plan to continue operations for the foreseeable future and will continue to teach our sons Zeb and Zeke to assume the responsibilities of operating the business on their own one day.

Now is a great time to stock up on birch, as we have a very short waiting list for log length wood. Buy now, season yourself, and save money! Message us here or call/text Wayne at 385-8346 to place an order. – Wayne

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We are still taking orders!

While we continue to search for a qualified buyer of WHWC, we are still harvesting and selling firewood. We currently have a 2-4 week waiting list for processed firewood deliveries and have immediate availability of log length birch.

As the Cold Climate Housing Research Center has demonstrated, firewood that is cut and split can season to 20% moisture in 6 weeks during the summer here in the interior, so there is still time to season your birch for use this winter.

Send us a message here or call or text Wayne at 385-8346 for questions or to place an order.


The time has come for our family to head back to the farmland of Pennsylvania where I was born and raised. This, among other things, means selling our home and this business.

God Willing… I will continue taking orders until about mid-April, so if you are a regular and would like to get your order in, I’d be honored to serve you one last time.

Please let any FNSB widows age sixty or over, who burns firewood, know that she can still get a free cord of WHtheWC birch if the order comes in before mid-April. Please share the word on this, I want to get firewood to as many of these widows as I can before I go.

About selling the business…

****We are offering a $1,000 referral bonus to a person who refers the buyer to this business, so please feel free to share this post!****

I am looking for an honest buyer who will give my customers at least the quantity, quality, and satisfaction they have come to expect from me. For such a person, I may even consider (at my sole discretion) zero-percent owner financing (with a 25% down payment and other conditions that will apply).

As sold, the business will come with everything one needs to start selling immediately, including: a supply of wood, the log truck, skidder, chain saws, dump truck, regular delivery truck, and much more.

The business comes to the new owner debt-free, meaning that there will be no outstanding bills/debt attached to it; the new owner will just be paying for whatever debt they personally take on to purchase the business.

We are asking $100,000. The potential is outstanding. If you are interested or have a question about being a referral, send a message here through Facebook or give me a call (907)-385-8346.

Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, LLC's photo.